We are a group of computer science graduates based in Kisumu, Kenya and we share a passion for open source software, which is what drew us to the bid to become block producer candidates under the Telos Network. Our team consists of two individuals with a background in various fields of IT such as computer science, networking and software engineering. We seek to create our own career as block producers and with our experience in the IT space as system administrators, network administrators, security consultants and project coordinators, we have the capability to run the required infrastructure for Telos and contribute to the Telos community while adhering to the requirements within the Telos Network. Our long term plan is to develop and deploy enterprise grade infrastruture in East Africa. This is to to contribute to the geographic distribution of the Telos global ecosystem

Our Values

To foster integrity in all our undertakings

To promote and spread the wealth of knowledge

To leave the world a better place than how we found it


As per our values, we dedicate our spare time to teaching children in high school and primary school, coding and some system administrative work so as to develop and hone their skills at an early age so as to bolster the number of experienced programmers and system administrators in the country. The hope is to increase the number of tech savvy individuals to propel our developing country into the digital age and in doing so also create job opportunities. The current state of our country does not afford most of the children with these facilities as well as internet connection, therefore we feel that it falls upon us to train them. The long term plan is to utilise our position as Block Producers to setup a facility,equipped with second hand computer equipment and a good internet connection, creating a safe space for these children.



We have deployed an enterprise grade dedicated server network. We will continiously review the Telos BP minimum requirements and ensure that our infrastructure meets these requirements


Mark Joshua

Project Coordinator

50% Ownership

Ericson Kimiti

System Admin

25% Ownership

Aboge M

Community Manager

25% Ownership




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